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mahboobeh on sheep balls
what is it?

L'Angevine on Shepherd's dog
trop bien

beach on Shepherd's dog
somehow, I feel sorry for this dog

L'Angevine on Shepherd's dog

beach on Shepherd's dog
what kind of collar is that? Looks nasty.

L'Angevine on Shepherd's dog
le pauvre avec ces clous

Hamid on Shepherd's dog
بله گوشها را هم چوپانها می برند که گرگ نتواند گاز بگیرد

HBHG on Shepherd's dog
ثبت جالبی است گوش های حیوان هم توسط چوپان ها بریده شده؟

L'Angevine on Shepherd's dog
oh le pauvre quand même

L'Angevine on Shepherd's dog
oh les pointes au cou

L'Angevine on زرشک berberis

shervin on زرشک berberis
رنگ رو خیلی دوست دارم فوکوس خیلی خوب 5*

Shaahin Bahremand on زرشک berberis
ترکیب رنگ ها ، خوب شده

L'Angevine on زرشک berberis

Moridi on زرشک berberis
Very nice. Well done.

malak on زرشک berberis
وای دلم خاس

Rahman Marefat on broken tree
How beautiful!

Langevine on Akhoondak

hadi on Kish island sunset

omid on Art work at Saatchi Gallery, London
خیلی خیلی زیباست و جالب . پله های خیال . چه رنگها و نورهای قشنگی هم ...

farzaneh on sheep balls
I admire your interesting idea.

omid on Bahhe Ferdows, Cinema Museum
خیلی زیباست

omid on Bahhe Ferdows, Cinema Museum
جالب و زیباست . به گمانم عنوان عکس رو اشتباه تایپ کردید

hesam nayeri on Arash Statue, Sa'd Abad Palace
چه حس غریبی رو به تصویر کشیدید :(

Venus on The Indefatigable
All mothers are really indefatigable. Kiss your mother :) I love it , Thank you for sharing.

Ralf Kesper on Greek ship in Kish Island
Very interesting and scary. Well found and captured.

omid on Kish island sunset

Siepi on Kish old port
Nice POV, the graphism of the walls, fine background, ... great shot.

Mahsa on library near Meca
nice to have library near by Allah house

Mahsa on Flower & Bee in Sadie, Shiraz
amazing shot...

silent photos on Sunset in Scarborough
wow...great and great capture... wonderful...

silent photos on French books on Iran
nice shot...

حسن صنوبری on Emamzadeh roodband tomb
یا پیر رود بند مدد

Katalog Stron on Arash Statue, Sa'd Abad Palace
nice image,exellent composition,bravo

joker on Arash Statue, Sa'd Abad Palace
jaleb bid

Mahshid on two drug trafficers on the Persepolis hights
az key ta hala doctore mamlekat ghachaghchi shode?

omiD on Arash Statue, Sa'd Abad Palace

Zahra.Z.E on Arash Statue, Sa'd Abad Palace
vaghean zibast zavieyi ke entekhab kardin tahsin barangize chon ye haleyi az abr backgrounde dore sar neyzeh shode! in ...

mah on Arash Statue, Sa'd Abad Palace
that's great.wonderful :)

mahsa on Geode in Cite de Sceince
i like it very much

Self-Indulgence on Dezful, sunset Dez River
Beautiful reflections.

Self-Indulgence on Dezful, sunset Dez River
Lovely sun and reflections. A wonderful 2010 to you!

jeanclaude on Dezful, sunset Dez River
excellent bw very good job

Jerry on Pole Ghadim, Dezful
Excellent image Hamid! Love the detail and tone!

Garfield on Dezful
Wonderful light here. Nice point of view, and good for including the people in the fore ground.

zahra on University of Lille 3 library
che khobe.

rakhshan on Zandieh
thoese are great and excellent photoes of my city.

Hamid on Hezarpa
No I don't think so :)

nestor on Hezarpa
is it dangerous ?

Moridi on Afin village
An interesting shot. Thank you.

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