About Hamid

I have always had a passion for photography though I am still a crap amateur. My photography started in 2004 when I bought a Sony Cybershot DSC-P72, which I still have. But I always wanted to have control over the camera and play with lens and settings so I bought a Canon EOS Rebel XT in November 2006 and I am still learning how to use it.

My experience with ُSLR cameras before the digital age is not worth mentioning. I remember I borrowed my brother's Canon in about 1990 once and one night the view of the moon that I could see from between the branches of the tree in our yard was so beautiful. I tried to take some photos of it, none came out well and moreover something went wrong with camera which was really just bad luck not my my fault. I spend all my saving at the time (£3) to fix the camera without telling my brother (not to mention the stress I went through:D). I was just lucky I didn't have to pay my sisters to make sure they wouldn't tell him, they were loyal to me :D. He still doesn't know that I have changed one of the parts inside his camera, and he still has it. It is a great camera.

Photography Equipment

Canon EOS Rebel XT, and Sony Cybershot DSC-P72